We list on this page links to resources that you will find useful.


Imagine PhD

Imagine PhD offers a one-stop platform to plan your career, both academic and non-academic. It was developed specifically for students in humanities and social sciences through a collaboration of several universities.

University General Resources

Below are some university career websites that address how to approach career exploration as a graduate students. They cover several topics including industry/non-profit resumes, academic CVs, cover letters, etc. They also include not just a description of best practices but also examples to guide you.


  • This resource from Penn State is intended to help your job search after graduate school, whether that’s in academia or industry.
  • This guide from Yale University will help you speak about your transferable skills and build a personal narrative.
  • Feeling unsure? Read this piece by Columbia University about exploring career paths outside of academics.
  • This graduate student career guide from the University of Georgia has everything you need to know when it comes to exploring career options.
  • Syracuse University offers this career guide for graduate students about everything from resume writing to making the most of your social media presence.
  • This resource page from Clemson University includes lists of various online resources for graduate student career development.
  • This career building page from the University of Minnesota includes helpful guides for resume building, interviewing, and the job search.
  • This PhD student timeline from UC Santa Cruz provides helpful tips for achieving success and includes other resources.
  • This article by Cornell University offers guidance and job searching advice for PhD graduates.
  • This interactive guide by UCLA can help with postdoc career research and planning, with helpful tips on resumes, cover letters, and more.
  • The University of Michigan Ann Arbor has this page dedicated to the non-academic job search where you can find helpful podcasts, readings, and more!
  • This page by The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill is filled with helpful career advice!
  • The University of Rochester has crafted a helpful guide to interviewing. Check it out here!
  • UC Santa Barbara has this helpful career planning page for post doc graduates, with a special page for those looking for careers beyond academia.
  • This toolkit by Tulane University has helpful general career advice for postdoc graduates.


  • For those considering both academic and industry careers, check out this guide by Columbia University on how to convert your academic CV into a solid resume!
  • Whether you’re looking to write a resume, CV, or even turn your CV into a resume, check out this guide from the University of Connecticut to help you in the process.
  • This resume guide from UT Austin’s college of liberal arts will help you tailor your resume to different types of opportunities.
  • Check out this resume writing guide from the University of Iowa for careers outside of academia!
  • This resume guide from Michigan State University provides insightful tips for developing your resume for an industry career.
  • This presentation and follow-along guide by Northwestern University will help you craft your perfect postdoc resume!
  • Vanderbilt has you covered when it comes to crafting a non-academic resume with this guide.
  • This guide by Washington University in Saint Louis can help you write that academic to industry, transitional resume.
  • USC has you covered when it comes to writing an effective resume and cover letter with this guide.
  • This guide by Boston College is helpful for resume writing, cover letter writing, and how to navigate LinkedIn.

Cover Letters

  • This graduate student resourcefrom Fordham University can help in all the ways you communicate your knowledge: through cover letters, CVs, presentations, or web presence!
  • This cover letter guide from the University of Iowa for careers outside of academia will help you in your career pursuits!
  • Michigan State University offers a cover letter guide for graduate students pursuing industry careers.
  • Curious on how reverse chronological resumes should look? This guide by Dartmouth has some great tips and samples.


  • Here are 5 LinkedIn tips from MIT that will help you build a solid profile!
  • This guide from the University of Connecticut will help you use LinkedIn in your job search!
  • Fordham University offers this short guide to help create your elevator pitch to make the most of your networking experience.
  • Michigan State University has this networking guide for PhD students which includes helpful tips and external resources!
  • Dartmouth created this guide on correspondence and etiquette, which is an important part of every postdoc career.
  • This page by Northeastern University is helpful if you’re looking for interviewing and networking advice, with more tips on how to interview here.

Outside Academia

  • Princeton University offers a great toolkit to help you explore your options outside academia.
  • Find helpful advice from the University of Chicago on how you can ace your next non-academic industry interview.
  • Yale offers this full page of resources that will help you apply for a job outside of academics.
  • This insightful piece by Duke is a must-read for those seeking non-academic careers.
  • This page by CalTech will help you begin your industry career search!
  • This guide from the University of Iowa will help you identify job references for careers outside of academia.
  • Brown University has a blog filled with resources that will help you transition from PhD work to an industry career, with advice on how to write resumes, cover letters, and network effectively.
  • This page by Wake Forest University is filled with tools to help you begin your career search!
  • If you’re not sure where to start, this tool-kit by Tufts University may help you with your job search outside academia.
  • University of California, Irvine has this guide for PhD graduates looking for non-academic career advice!
  • This page by the University of California, Irvine has you covered when it comes to job searching by career and profession.

Independent Resources

  • The Google Resume  (PDF). The book is by popular author, Gayle Laakmann and it explores how to write a resume for the tech industry as well as some interview tips.
  • PhD Career Guide is a website with useful information about expanding your career options as a PhD
  • The Muse has lots of short articles about how to do almost everything career-related.


Do you are source that might be useful to students who are interested in both academic and non-academic careers? Send it to finel (at) and we will include it here.