This page is run by a group of communication students at the University of Washington.

We created this website in response to a problem many of us were facing: our advisors and mentors, who had spent most if not all of their professional lives as professors, didn’t always know how to help the graduate students looking for jobs outside academia. PhD programs in communication are generally designed to train the next generation of professors, but there aren’t nearly enough academic jobs for even everyone that wants one (not considering those who decide being a professor isn’t for them). So we took matters into our own hands and started learning about other job prospects on our own. We didn’t want to keep all our newfound knowledge to ourselves, so we created this website to share tips, examples, and job opportunities with every Comm grad student who finds themselves in a similar situation.

While the events we post are catered to the graduate students in our own department, the rest of the website is designed to help any graduate student in communication find a job outside of academia.

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